Esh-Dar specializes in refractory installation and design. We remain at the forefront of refractory technology and continually provide our customers with the best solutions for their refractory requirements.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified specialists with over 25 years of refractory experience. We are well aware of the fact that both the correct refractory installation and the right choice of refractory lining will guarantee an extended refractory life. We pride ourselves on excellent service and superb quality and consequently we have earned an outstanding reputation in the refractory industry.

During Esh-Dar’s many years of activity we have installed refractory for many different industries such as:

In Israel we are exclusive representatives of some of the world’s leading refractory related companies. These companies are technology and engineering leaders and we are proud to work with them.

Esh-Dar’s sister company, Naaman P.K. Refractories, is one of the largest refractory material suppliers in Israel.

Together we are the largest group in the refractory field in Israel and lead the market in supplying materials and services to huge consumers such as the cement and steel.

The partnership of Esh-Dar and Naaman P.K. Refractories means that we are able to offer our clients turnkey projects in:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Installation

Contact us today to learn more about our first class refractory installation and design and our refractory maintenance services.